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dplyr 1.0.0

dplyr 1.0.0 is coming soon! I’m really excited about this release. I think rowwise and across are excellent new functions that make common operations feel more intuitive. You can try them out for …


AWS Sagemaker and R


I’m excited to announce my sagemaker R package! AWS Sagemaker is a powerful tool, and I hope my package makes it easier for people to try it out! Since the Github page and website already introduce …


Funnel Charts in R with funneljoin - Gaps and Deadlines


In my previous blog post, I explored the awesome funneljoin package. Check that post out for an overview of the package and some examples. In this post, I’m going to investigate business problems that …


Funnel Charts in R with funneljoin


Emily Robinson has an awesome new package funneljoin. funneljoin has an intuitive interface to create and analyze funnels. Be sure to check out her vignette and her slides: […] Slides from my …