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Use git to Blog(down) About Your Projects


Here’s the scenario: I’m working on my project, using a git repo to track changes. I’m excited about the project or a certain result, and I’d like to tell everyone about it by making a blog post with …


Tidying Messy Spreadsheets


I want this post to be an introduction to cleaning and preparing a messy spreadsheet as part of a data science pipeline. Instead of presenting a final product, I’d like to emphasize exploration as a …


MRP Using brms and tidybayes


In the last post I wrote the “MRP Primer” Primer studying the p part of MRP: poststratification. This post explores the actual MRP Primer by Jonathan Kastellec. Jonathan and his coauthors wrote this …


Poststratification Primer with dplyr

This post will introduce poststartification: the process of correcting non-representative samples to better reflect the actual population proportions. There are some excellent resources to learn about …